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Soil Builder

Supercharge with organic living
mulch and inoculant

Soil Builder - Builds vibrant, living soil

It is a nutritious living mulch with an inoculant ball.

inoculant ball

Soil Builder is a blend of diverse raw and living materials:

For slow decomposition and sustained mulching as well as nutrient bonding. Includes raw thatch.

Raw naturally captured nutrients. Includes lucerne.

Trace Elements
Natural trace elements providing electrolytes and sourced from reduced salt pan sea water.

Living compost concentrates and life promoting crystals and metals.

Soil Builder bags

Soil Builder is hand packed

It is vibrant, living, fresh and made to order. 

It is packaged in breathable hessian bags which are reusable and eventually compostable.

Oxygen is key to the health of our product and its efficacy and we are passionate about not introducing anything disposable such as plastic packaging into an already overburdened and polluted planet.

Soil Builder protects and covers the soil from harmful sunlight, it keeps the soil cool and retains moisture.

Soil builder when applied as a living mulch does not blow away in the wind like so many other mulching materials.

It has been tried and tested in our extremely windy hometown of Cape Town!

Soil Builder steadily builds vibrant, microbially diverse living soil.

It has the appearance of a forest floor and smells wonderful when freshly applied. 


Spread the contents of one bag over one square meter of prepared earth. Crumble the inoculant ball and sprinkle over the surface. Water to settle and activate. Do not compact. Re-apply seasonally.


Mix at a ratio of 1 part Soil Builder to 3 parts existing soil, backfill and plant as normal.

Compost & Wormery 

Use Soil Builder to kick start your compost and wormery project.

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Soil Builder is a nutritious living mulch and soil conditioner, made from natural and organic materials.

We are committed and passionate about developing a soil building solution that in essence constitutes a form of biological ecosystem mimicry.

Degradation of our soils and the loss of topsoil globally is the single greatest threat to the survival of functional living systems.

Healthy topsoil absorbs and retains moisture thus reducing irrigation requirements drastically and saves water, our precious resource.

It also provides a medium to sequestrate vast quantities of carbon dioxide as healthy plant growth rapidly absorbs and stores this atmospheric abundance and returns it to the soil.

All of this results in a premium topsoil that requires far less organic fertiliser inputs, and it improves plant resilience, health, and quality of produce.

Frustrated by the quality and longevity of conventional composts and mulches available to the gardening, landscape, and agricultural scene we embarked on a long journey of discovery and innovation.

We looked to the forest floor for inspiration and all the elements were there!
Fresh green nutrients, carbon in abundance and of course a host of microbial fauna and fungi steadily supporting the decomposition process and releasing the nutrients required for a thriving soil to support an abundant ecosystem. 

Developed by Arlo Mitchell & Sarchen Bassingthwaighte.

Arlo and Sarchen are qualified Landscape Technologists and have both spent the last 30 years in the gardening and landscaping fields.
They have drawn on decades of experience and research in the development of Soil Builder.

Soil Builder is vibrant, living, fresh and made to order - Need a quote?

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